Spanked for Fighting – “Liam” – Part Two (Spanked and Birched)

So the Liam saga continues! Liam has been summoned to see his headmaster Dr Barton.
Dr Barton informs Liam that he has been speaking to his army cadet officer and has managed to persuade him to let Liam re-join.  

There is, however, one condition which is that Dr Barton has to dish out some traditional Corporal Punishment

Liam is desperate for a second chance and reluctantly agrees.

Dr Barton wastes no time in getting this delinquent school lad over his knee and starts to spank him over his school trousers.

Dr Barton of course spends a lot of time telling this sorry lad how lucky he is and that this is all for his own good!

Liam isn’t convinced …

The trousers come down
and Liam gets spanked on his white pants

and finally bare bottom. 
He is then made to stand facing the wall with his hands on his head…..
and his bare bottom on display …
Liam thought his punishment was over…… 
Liam was wrong!

Dr Barton tells him that he is now going to face what real soldiers endured back in the day. The Birch!

Bending over a chair and clinging on for dear life Liam’s already sore bottom soon gets a proper whipping from the Birch! No words are needed as Dr Barton lays it on and on and on!

Liam takes his punishment bravely and is finally allowed to stand up, pull up his trousers and leave

… knowing that his army career is now back on track!

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One Response to Spanked for Fighting – “Liam” – Part Two (Spanked and Birched)

  1. Lovely-limber-lower-limbs-limper-lacerating-lewdness-lessening-lesson-learning-lout Liam
    seem fine cadet material,
    taking his punishment ‘like a man’ however boyishly-belettling-balls-bared before blazing-bottom-blistering begins,
    only the headmaster excessively exagerates ‘warm-ups’, a weird concept anyhow, by hand-spanping first in three dievsting-stages, he should, as army-mandatory, simply proceed to birching on the bare (the only way, whether in the bare or just bare-butt), while further hand-spanking(s) (preferably also on the bare, possibly over the knee) from other authority figure(s) will be received far more receptively on copiously-crimson-clear-cracked cane-cuts, at home, in his cadet unit, maybe in (every?) class!