Spanked Footballers (Part 2)

Spanked Footballers Harry & Dom are two of the teams top football players. However, they managed to lose the game by fighting!

All over some girl!

Well Mr X is furious at seeing his team lose and demands to get some answers.

The two lads are still arguing and still being cocky! That all changes when Mr X has them naked and over his knee!

However, the spanking does not seem to be getting through to the lads as they are still squabbling. 
So Mr X decides that if they want to hit each other they can do it there and then!
So Harry gets to spank his friend Dom…

…and then Dom gets to spank Harry!

Mr X orders the boys to shake hands

The final part is as was especially requested and paid for by the two footballer’s team mates..

To properly get the message through, Mr X dishes out some hard slaps to each of the lads from his thick leather paddle!


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This movie was shot some time ago when Dom and Harry just joined Straight Lads Spanked. It was the first time they had seen each other getting spanked. To actually get them to spank each other took a lot of convincing but I hope you agree it was well worth while!

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11 Responses to Spanked Footballers (Part 2)

  1. Avatar Stewart Burston
    Stewart Burston says:

    Two very cute red bottoms :}} this is fun

  2. I love the look on Harry’s face when he is spanking Dom. :=)

  3. I like the look on Harry’s face when he is spanking Dom. He really looks like he is enjoying it, LOL

    • Hi Anonymous! Well the funny thing is, amongst the group of friends Harry thinks he is the tough guy. So he secretly relished getting to spank Dom. It’s a confusing situation though for Harry though. You could see he thought it was fun to have that power of Dom but at the same time, he knew it was weird to have his naked mate over his knee! I really love the psychology you get when working with true life straight mates doing this kind of thing!

  4. I’d love to take my hairbrush to those naughty young bottoms

    • Hi Ruth! They really are naughty young bottoms. Do you really think they deserve the dreaded hair brush though?

  5. Would like to see more of Karl in future. x

    • There will certainly be more from Karl! In fact I was talking to him today and we are planning a shoot early January.