Bailey Bullies Apprentice – Part One

Bailey is back doing building work for Old Mr Smith. Young Billy has also started working for the company as an apprentice and it’s his very first day. The lads are met on the job by Old Mr Smith’s son Danny who is going to be be taking over the day to day running of the company from his father. Danny welcomes Billy to the company and makes sure that both he and Bailey have everything they need to get on with the days job.

Danny leaves them both to get on with the job and tells Bailey to look after young Billy.

As soon as Danny has gone Bailey starts ordering Billy around! Sending him down to the van to fetch his newspaper, then his drink and so on! Billy is terrified of Bailey and just does as he is told. Bailey goes on and on at Billy making the poor lads first day at work a complete nightmare!
“”Go and fetch me a chair”” 
 “”Now go and get my newspaper from the van””
They are 10 floors up! 

 “”Where’s My Drink Billy””?

It’s when Bailey starts to use Billy as a footstool that Billy finally loses his cool and tells Bailey that he is going to complain! 
Big Mistake! 
Bailey picks Billy up with one strong arm and with the poor lad dangling in mid air proceeds to spank his bottom! This is not what Billy was expecting at his first day on the job! Bailey then throws the lad over one knee, pulls down the lads trousers and continues the spanking over his tight black boxers shorts. Finally these get ripped down and Bailey the Beast lays into the lads bare bottom!!

 “”I’ll show you who the boss is””!!

 “”Stop! Please, Stop!””
 “”What’s Going On Here””??
Just in time Danny the boss returns and catches Bailey beating Billy! 
Billy has been rescued!
“”You are going to get Spanked“”!!

Danny decides that the only lesson Bailey will ever learn is one of sheer humiliation. He tells Bailey that he is going to get spanked with Billy standing by watching every slap! This is too much for Bailey to comprehend and he refuses point blank! Danny stands firm and simply tells Bailey t pack his tool box and leave! Faced with that stark choice Bailey gives in and drapes himself over Danny’s knee to accept his fate! As the spanking continues Bailey can feel the slaps on his bottom but even worse can feel the gaze from young Billy who is watching with glee as the tough man is taken down to size! 
 “”Sir, not in front of Billy””

 “”Billy is enjoying the show””

 “”No, please don’t make me strip off””
The show for Billy gets even better when Bailey is first of all stripped of his jeans and then finally stares on as Bailey loses any last traces of dignity when his tight white briefs come down and lying fully exposed gets his bare bottom spanked hard!
 “”Back Over My Knee””

“”I Can’t Take Anymore””
Finally the humiliating punishment is over and Danny leaves the two lads to finish the job…….
There is an unexpected twist at the end which leads nicely into Part Two and even more punishment for Bailey!

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5 Responses to Bailey Bullies Apprentice – Part One

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations,great story line,great looking guys and we get to see Bailey with his pants down and see what a spankable butt he has. Pitty Billy didnt get to add a few swats. You are giving us some of the best male spanking on the web (and there is so much now) Keep it coming (no pun intended) lads and get your straight guy bottoms spanked again soon. Thank you.

  2. Hey Anonymous… I really do appreciate your comments and feedback. It means a lot! It really does. You know what, with hindsight I wish I had got Billy to let loose on Baileys butt a few times. Good idea! My favourite moment in this clip was Bailey picking Billy up with one arm to spank him! Actually, that was my second fav part. My most fav bit was when Bailey was telling Billy to fix the boiler by reading the instructions! Totally unscripted and very amusing! This is all new to mew and I’m not fully sure what I’m doing (if anything) right, but I do appreciate your feedback! 🙂

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Ok bailey with just billy otk thru whole video that woulda been hot

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Trackies black socks otk SEXY! Mr x I’d love this billy dressed same longer otk

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Should have HQ stills like sting mr x 🙂