SpankChicosmalos: Matteo’s Summer Spanking (Part 2)

SpankChicosmalos: Matteo’s Summer Spanking (Part 2)
“Mateo rebels against the punishment he’s receiving for lying while going to the beach. He is put into a wheelbarrow position to continue his punishment until he learns and is dominated

Mateo se revela contra el castigo que está recibiendo por mentir mientras se iba a la playa. Es puesto en posición carretilla para seguir su castigo hasta que aprende y es dominado


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2 years ago

Although all Matteo’s clothes were carefully-crossly caretakers-clan-confiscated since his Summer holiday frathouse spanking prop (mock hell-)week, after his awesomely-awfully-avidly-attended-arse-agony-abused absolutely-abject ass-arse healed happily-healthily from profoundly-pain-purple to the pup’s prized peachy-perky practically-pristine-puerile-pink, the incorrigible imp couldn’t resist responding to a sneaked-in invitation to join his silver spoon schoolmates’ summer-goodbye nocturnal beach-fire party, sneaking-out starkers and improvising a hand-woven ‘tribal’ grass skirt to star in as ‘Hawaiian dancer’, hardly-aware his handsome-he-hood-hardon-&he-hole-heeded hundredfold under the ‘Samoan salsa’-swung-skirt.
Silently sneaked-back before sunrise unseen, he actually assumed amazingly having got away with it, looking forward to sharing stardom-recollections at school. Alas, a passer-by returning early from another school’s sadly-soulless Summer-goodbye-party had only joined theirs after sneakily smartphone-recording said super-sexy salsa-skirt-show-scene and scored stardom in his school’s ‘scoundrel squirts squad’ since posting it on their website, which Matteo’s gay cousin-buddy Guillermo ‘Guy’ watches often for his study-(&fuck-)buddy’s antics, cheerfully sharing the fun with his straight best bro Bruno, who refused to risk their strict pa finding out they kept it secret, hence told their uncle-fathers, who took turns hand-spanking the three naughty-natured knaves naked OTK and in wheelbarrow until heading Matteo’s proper-penitent plea to punish only him, perpetrator, and let his innocent cousins off, re-casted (still starkers) stat to fetch all implements in turn and as holders-down for ‘Sodomite showcase’ Matteo to get it globes-gruelled gruesomely-good, as heathenishly-harshly helplessly-heightened-humble-hound-hurdies-hits-hundreds-heated at home as his whole ‘holiday hell-week’ had hurt.
Happily the cousins re-dressed while Matteo was ordered to kneel shorts-striptease-sexily-lowered hands-on-head on couch corner-time, crossly-cursing-condemned to this ‘party-(un)dress position’ for plenty of prospected private parties, each of the frat-seniors and scoundrels-squad-squirts in turn being invited for a freely-tipped festive fee’ to come enjoy Matteo at a (short, shirt-&shorts-less) sans-skirt-Samoan-salsa show and sirely savour soundly-spanking the stripped sinner ‘suitably’ to spankophile satisfaction.
It turned out the fratboys soon tired of solo-spanking the same squirt, rather-rapidly returning to paddle their poor pledges, while the CP-virgin spoiled-rotten rod-spared highschool-scoundrels had to be set an end-of-spanking-fest-time, all too eager for any future edition, hence the Latino clan adults-assembly aptly-avidly agreed their worst-behaved ‘wayward whippersnapper worm’ would each weekend whine well-whooped wheelbarrow-included this way whenever he ‘really deserved it’ or the clan ‘really needed cash’, both being nearly-always, especially in incorrigible Matteo’s case,
yet to avoid even the scoundrels tiring of tender-tanning the thoughtless-teen-tail time and time again, after Christmastide it was decided the same clan knave could ‘spankfest star’ only once a month, with the second-worst-behaved forced up-cue awarded an hour afterward to workover naughtier Matteo himself most Monday mornings, sparing his father the time and trouble to rebel-rear-raw-reddening-remind the rotten rascal of the many ways he shames the family in class ever so often, getting spanked on shorts in class commando and tenfold that tariff stripped at home, exhausting his elder(ly) educators’ hands, hence help from his spankable peers soon tastes for more, much more, to each’s satisfaction except main-‘benefactor’ Matteo meant to meet meaner meekly-mounted-mutt-mounds-meat-maroon-martyrdom manyfold.