Spanking Army Boys – Kuba

0186 Army (FULL VERSION)

The soldier Kuba, has been assigned to the personal service of the marshal. He must obey and make himself available for any requests of the marshal. Today the marshal returns and tells the soldier Kuba, that he wants to see him severely spanked. Kuba readies himself by stripping and bending over, first to be spanked hard with a wooden paddle, and then with a hand spanking. Unfortunately for Kuba his spanking is extremely hard, and he must endure it all for the pleasure of the Marshal. He is ordered now to be punished with the leather strap while lying over the marshal’s knee, this is followed by at the turn of a card him getting himself a good hard hand spanking. Kuba endures the hard spanking, trying as much as possible to show that he’s a real man and can endure the painful and demeaning punishments, it’s not easy though which makes it even more entertaining for the marshal who smacks him even harder.



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