SpankChicosmalos: Martin’s first Spanking – 19 Years Old

SpankChicosmalos: Martin’s first Spanking – 19 Years Old

Martín, 19 years old, has never been spanked before, until now. Even though he has a good boy’s face, he’s naughtier than he looks. His first spanking shows a lovely ass which will redden. He must make an effort in his studies and this lesson will be very motivational for him.

Martín, de 19 años años, jamás ha sido castigado, hasta ahora. Su cara de chico bueno engaña, es más travieso de lo que parece. Su primera azotaina deja ver un culo muy bonito que cambiara de color. Debe esforzars

直到现在,19 岁的马丁从未受到过处罚。 他那张乖孩子的脸是骗人的,他比看起来更调皮。 她的第一次打屁股露出了一个会变色的非常漂亮的屁股。 你应该在学习上更加努力,这节课将对学生产生激励作用


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11 months ago

Martin always considered his doting daddy his best friend, close as a twin, whom he always relied on and trusted unconditionally, hence always confided into, knowing the only response was comfort and support, whether the teen needed advice, drying his tears, extra pocket money or bailing out. By nature a nice knave, his naughtiness never was nasty, needing no naked-nates-nurture, just nudging to mend his ways. Alas that didn’t get him good enough grades, as daddy dear didn’t demand enough, just ‘effort’, so he failed graduating at spank-free public high-school and ended up needing to transfer, as turned out luckily to a sorely-strict prep-school.
Having had his first real spankings there, two tough treats to the time-honoured technique of teaching teens total tractability trough teen-tush-thornily-tender-tanning tail-thrashing-torment, and having heard from schoolmates they hate to admit it doesn’t do quite them ‘the world of good’ as eerily-exposed-endurances-enjoying elder educators eagerly ensure, yet enough to make marked differences in the mercilessly-mounted-male-mounds-martyred mutts’ marks, manners and meekness, Martin told his father everything, as always, and thanked him for this smashing turn in his young life, the crucial opportunity to grow from overprotected currish kid to competently-correct-conduct-compelled cadet-material.
Soundly supporting his son steady-as-ever, senior Sir saw the simply-sage sense in switching seriously from sweet softy-style to the same stern spanker-school, so started seconding school-CP by systematically subjecting his submissively stripping squirt-son to similes of school-spankings, and similar stripped-sonly-seat-sufferance for scores of sins. So-doing, Sir’s softy-style subsided to start savouring his so-long sublimated spankophile side, smacking, strapping, switching soundly and severely.
Soon, son and Sir started so-bonding better than ever, sharing pertinent pride in the puerile puppy’s progressing performances, his grades going up like his abject arse, and all other aspects of boyish behaviour from brattish to best, and since Martin marvelled at paternal pleasure in punishing his perfectly-perilously-pantless-presented preppie-posterior, periodically pranked pa, as playful pretext for a paired-pleasure-pain-purple-pounding-punishment.