Spanking Straight Boys: Joey Over The Knee

Spanking Straight Boys: Joey Over The Knee

Joey is a 24-year-old straight boy. He’s a hot guy with a great face and body. He only very reluctantly agrees to do spanking videos. It doesn’t seem to be the embarrassment that gets to him. Instead, with Joey, it seems to be all about the sting of the spanking.


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Today he finds himself over Tom’s knee, and, like so many of the other young men Tom spanks, Joey hadn’t expected to be over the knee. As is always the case for they boys who don’t expect that, Joey doesn’t expect it because he didn’t ask.

Tom spanks Joey by hand and with a leather slapper. Joey’s ass gets red quickly and he is writhing about and complaining almost from the start. He reaches back and rubs his butt several times, and, when he does have to get up, he walks around like a scolded boy. He’s a great spankee.

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