Dorm Booze – At Bottom Line

Dorm Booze : Martin

Prefect Diego has arrived to inspect Erik and Martin’s dorm room. His first stop is Martin’s bedroom, where a quick inspection reveals the new student has a fondness for beer…


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Dorm Booze : Martin


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9 months ago

While boarder brats are usually sent to the stern-reputed school by strict domestic disciplinarians, duly seeking a suitable soundly spanking style subsequent to their systematic stripped squirt-seat-sufferance at home and often about everywhere, Martin is from a gentler home, rarely put OTK for some softish swats on shorts or fully-clothed in private, when such ‘sadly extraordinary measure’ was deemed necessary for physical safety, like wilfully playing with fire or dangerous chemicals, none of which flailable follies the filial fledgling ever repeated. Anything else was dealt with to mutual satisfaction, till now, by agreed rules, allowance cuts or grounding, the one kid in his previous class who was badly belted at home showed his ‘spectacular scarlet stripes’ in the school shower, stared-at by soaping sympathizer school sports mates showering him with sincere commiseration and softly-smeared soothing cream supplied by the shocked swimming coach, who rarely raised his voice, never a punishing hand, disciplining digressons by laps or push-ups, yet even that never happened to model pupil Martin.
Having read all the above in the fellow-Latino boy’s file when asked by headmaster to mentor the newcomer, whose father had to find fastly a transfer school stat when forced to move out of state for his job, paternalistic prefect Diego was shocked and puzzled to find contraband at first room inspection, duty-bound to spank on the bare, but(t) greatly relieved to learn from the shivering chico, who obediently offers his orbs for an ordeal as he always obeyed his elders, the cutie was clueless about the drinking ban at school, being raised with beer at every meal since age six as customary in the family, and tricked into bringing some by his rotten roommate Ramon, a real rascal regularly receiving red-hot rump-roastings as rude reoffender, to ‘celebrate his arrival’ with Ramon’s dubious drinking-mates. Despising those, Diego decides to save Martin’s bacon, not just let him off with a hardly-harshly-hand-spanked hottie-heinie-heating, but(t) brutally beat the bloody beer-buddies-bunch bare-balls, blistered by bountifully-broughtdown buckskin belting beet-red, brightly-burning and bellowing becomingly-brat-butt-battering-baffled, before bringing a better-behaved boy to switch room with Ramon, whose rotten record reeks rules-required refusal to renew his board contract after this term, hoping they bond on better terms as good influences, well-warned either’s mischief in dorm guarantees a bare-balls-beating for both bunk-buddies.
When Martin questioned (ever politely) this bottom-beaten-buddy-system, he got his second stripped spanking stat on the (sitting) spot from Diego, now by belt on the bare, for his first and last backtalk at school, as his family has a happy tradition of free discussion at home. Luckily the Latino lad learns lasting lessons, lectured lashed or less, getting good grades and tutoring his bunk-buddy and buddy’s B-behaved buddies, none of those minding when Diego delegates prefectorial prime privilege to strip and spank after a month, as that spares them way-worse whippings from Diego, school staff and/or angry home-front, nor even next term when the bar is raised to beget best behaviour and BBs-or-better-grades, by bloody bare-balls-belting about as bad as their betters beat brat-booty, but(t) off all records, so no follow-up from other educators.
Diego still spanks Martin’s meekly-mounted male mounds monthly as maintenance, and more, then not as punishment but(t) as prospective prefect-designate, who must learn by plenty of pitiless pantsed-posterior-purple-paining practice all about allowed forms of CP on both receiving and giving end, with orders to bring a B-behaved brat to practice active beatings on in lieu of an actual punishment, or failing such as due warning. By then even that is accepted wholly and humbly, as they now know better than risking to incur an extra flailing for backtalk and hope he’ll be a fearsome but(t) fair prefect, like strict Sir Diego now.