Six with the Tawse then Caned

Just Magic from the Magic Spanking Factory describes this video:

In true traditional scottish manner Little Foxxy is given six strokes of the Lochgelly tawse on his outstretched hands. Despite being one of the best takers at the Factory his face just had a look of sheer terror and almost panic after the first strokes had done their dastardly deed. 

Silly Little Foxxy had been burdened with loads of homework for calling his mathematics teacher a bastard. In days gone bye he would have been given a real thrashing for that kind of insolence but in today’s “enlightened” society that is no longer allowed. Fortunately though I am able to continue with the good old tradition of given miscreant boys the punishment they definitely need (and probably desire).

I told him he was going to get six with the hard Lochgelly tawse and ordered him to get his hands up. The effects of such a tawse on unprotected hands is quite breathtaking. The pain is instant and long lasting. As I said the look on his face is well worth seeing. Because he used the “F” word at the end of his punishment I told him that he was going to be beaten with the cane. Six strokes each he got on his tight grey school shorts, on regulation tighty whities and the last six on his naked, pert buttocks.

This was a punishment Little Foxxy will definitely remember. NOT TO BE MISSED!! 

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  1. Nice and excellent film I like the schoolboys uniform, but I like the Jonathon model.Jonathon is a idoneal schoolboys received hard spanked……