Saturday Spankables

Shades of dark and light the SATURDAY SPANKABLES

Spankables by Dr van Spanking

Our first troop of naughty spankables were selected by Dr van Spanking



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A trio of bare bottomed GIFS featuring the uber spankable Callum from Love Island Australia

Bringing up the rear(s) a selection from Bruce


NOTE: the Saturday Spankables are images taken from the public domain and are posted here for the enjoyment of those who appreciate the male form. Jockspank gain no financial benefit from these images, if you have any concerns or comments regarding any image, please let us know, using the CONTACT US field in the left-hand column

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Dr van Spanking
8 months ago

I thought I’d just mention something about the two cheeky little videos that I sent in and the one from Bruce’s delicious collection. They seem to illustrate two points that I’ve come to believe about spanking, one through many years of personal observation: that boys do love smacking each other’s bottoms!

The second is that I can’t help thinking that, however culturally unacceptable smacking seems to be becoming, not only here in Britain but in other countries as well, it is quite clearly very much alive among young men and I believe it is something that is hard-wired into the DNA of young lads the world over! Spanking is never going to go away while it is ground into the young male psyche!

Dr van Spanking
8 months ago

The Jack Laugher gif

The very smackable, pert and black-speedo-clad bottom retreating through the door in front of young Jack belongs to the phenomenally spankable Chris Mears.

It is interesting to consider the boys’ briefs. You will notice that, while the two lads are roughly the same height and build, Jack’s swimming-pants are rather briefer than Chris’s briefs. The explanation for that is that young Chris is clearly wearing a pair of swimming-knix appropriate to his waist-size (which I’d judge to be Medium), whereas Jack insists that wearing swimming-trunks a size smaller than his regular size would be makes him more aerodynamic while diving. I’m no physicist, so I have no idea if this would actually be the case. What I do know is that the briefer briefs make him scream aloud to be smacked – and smacked hard! And, of course, laid over the knee!

Jack actually seems to be inordinately fond of being photographed in his underpants! So, if you want to see what he looks like in his regular size briefs, just google ‘Jack Laugher in his boxers / pants’ (I’m sure I don’t have to tell friends in the USA this, but just to bear in mind here that ‘pants’ refers to underpants). You’ll find loads of examples (see below for a couple) – just watch out for seriously itchy fingers and an even more seriously twitchy cock!

Dr van Spanking
8 months ago

A little red herring

We truly have here ‘six of the best’! Six pairs of Jack Laugher’s brightly coloured underpants! And laid out thoughtfully and tidily by their wearer himself! Two pairs of boxer-briefs and four pairs of briefs! Ten years ago, Jack might well have been unusual for a lad his age in wearing briefs, but it is clear from my internet surfing that they are making a bit of a comeback and achieving a certain grudging popularity amongst younger guys.

I have numbered the briefs 1 – 6, because it would be great fun to get your thoughts, Jockspankers, on which pair you’d most like to lay young Jack over your knee in for a good spanking! Personally, I’m torn between Pair 4 and Pair 5! I’d love to see what anyone else comes up with – don’t forget to say why!

If you’d like to see the young man wearing one of these pairs of pants, here is a link to a little YouTube video, showing him clad in Pair 3:

Jack Laugher – Why it’s important to wear pants in video calls – YouTube

The ending is seriously cheeky – and I’m afraid I’m not convinced it was accidental…

8 months ago

Briefs are definitely becoming more popular!

Dr van Spanking
8 months ago
Reply to  Seb

Thanks, Seb – that’s very definitely what I perceive to be the case!

Dr van Spanking
8 months ago

My personal absolute favourite from Saturday morning’s selection is the one below. And I would issue a challenge to even the most fanatical members of the no-smacking brigade: Stand this young lad in front of any of them and tell them they have full permission to lay him over their knee and spank him till he can’t sit on his cheeky bottom for a week! Then just see how far their ‘high’ principles would hold up!