Saturday Spankables

Enjoying the view with the SATURDAY SPANKABLES

Spankables by Dr van Spanking

Dr van Spanking provided the first selection of naughty spankables


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Diver Noah Williams shows his style

The second set of spankables were contributed by Rich O’Shea from Sting

And now a contribiution from Bruce


NOTE: the Saturday Spankables are images taken from the public domain and are posted here for the enjoyment of those who appreciate the male form. Jockspank gain no financial benefit from these images, if you have any concerns or comments regarding any image, please let us know, using the CONTACT US field in the left-hand column



8 Responses to Saturday Spankables

  1. The ‘view’ is awesome 😉
    Thanks for sourcing all these great pics!

  2. Some SERIOUS palm-tinglers from Rich and Bruce this morning!

    Two things about my own contributions today:

    One is that I imagine JS fans will have recognised that the penultimate pic in my set is young Tom Daley, bent over in his tea- coloured Calvin Klein boxer-briefs, just BEGGING for a good smacked bottom!

    Secondly, the young lad in the last photo in my set, wearing the ‘Angry Bird’ briefs is ‘twkboi’ (his Tumblr name – I never knew his real one). He and I had a great friendship via Tumblr, until our respective sites were closed down as a result of the prudish, hypocritical, puritanical changes to that organisation’s ‘community guidelines’. Twkboi had a great fondness for taking selfies in his underpants and posting them on his Tumblr blog – all of them designed to show off the pert, cheeky curves of his wonderfully spankable bottom and his beautifully straight, smackable legs, also to showcase the contents of his well-stocked pants-drawer! He shared my love of spanking as a topic of conversation and made no bones about the fact that he enjoyed being spanked himself!

    He was good enough to send me a complete collection of photos of him wearing a selection of briefs, boxer-briefs and thongs – barring one or two of himself in white boner-killers, which he knew better than to send me. One day, in one of his regular playfully naughty moods, he was cheeky enough to ask me which pair of pants I would most like him to wear for a spanking, apart, that is, from the Angry Bird briefs, which he knew would be my absolute favourite for spankingwear. I told him that I would love to lay him over my knee in a pair of dark-blue briefs with a contrasting black waistband, of which he’d sent me three photos. I am reproducing them here for you, along with a bonus extra pic of him in the Angry Bird knix, taken from another angle. I doubt you’ll have any trouble seeing why the dark-blue undies had the effect on my spanker’s libido that they did!

    Cliff van Spanking.

  3. PS.

    I did tell Twkboi that not only would he get his bottom smacked very hard; the Angry Bird is, if you read the writing on the briefs, exclaiming ‘SQUAWK!’ Squawking is exactly what he would be doing across my knee!!

    • Thanks for the pics of Twkboi, Dr Van. I really like his briefs, especially the dark-blue ones!

      • Haha! Thanks, Lee! I’m sure you can see why I wanted so much to lay Twkboi over my knee in those dark-blue briefs! He loved the idea of being across my knee in that particular pair and said he agreed he was really asking for a spanking in them! I did ask him if he could have a special photo done for me, which would require the cooperation of a very understanding friend, since I would love him to have a pic taken of himself laying over said friend’s knee in his dark-blue underpants. He’d been all set to get that done when Tumblr’s idiotic puritanism got both our sites closed down and ended what had been a super friendship.

        Sadly, by the time I got to know Twkboi he had got rid of the Angry Bird briefs on the grounds that they were boys’ briefs and he felt a little awkward wearing them as an older lad. At least we have the pictures to show how spankable he looked in them!.

        Here are some bonus pics: I managed to find another one of him in his blue briefs in a very spankable posture and there is yet another of him in the Angry Bird underpants. There is a lovely one of him in a thong (he always said that a thong gave easier access for spanking!) and another of his bare bottom. As I mentioned earlier, he was into being spanked – this pic follows one such occasion. He was good enough to send me it just after he’d been laid over the knee and smacked – very hard, it seems – as evidence of his punishment! Enjoy!