Rock Star Spanked (Part 2)

 The remaining set of images from Rock Star Spanked by Straight Lads Spanked

The young rocker’s boxer shorts, his last layer of protection and dignity come down revealing George’s, already pink, bare bottom .
Stripped of all his clothes and and firmly over Mr X’s knee as the spanks redden his bottom this young man soon loses a lot of his arrogance!

It’s not just spanking though as George also feels the belt hard across his already sore and tender bottom!

It is a delight to watch as this handsome lad is transformed from a big headed and arrogant into a naughty little boy receiving a well deserved bare bottom spanking.

He certainly felt that!

After over 20 minutes of hard spanking and belting the once proud young rock star’s is finally over .. but his humiliation isn’t, as the humbled lad is ordered to admit how sore his bottom is and how much he deserved it.
 Before being told to stand in the corner with his hands on his head….
 with his well deserved red bottom on display
 The End

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Anonther Attitude adjustment by Mr X

A comment From Producer Dave…….. It was a great pleasure working with George. This was his first time filming a mm spanking video with me and he took to it really well. He is acting was superb in the opening scene. I would like to make it clear that in real life George is actually a very pleasant young man and not the arrogant young punk he played so well. However, when it came to the spanking there was no acting involved. He asked me not to give him any breaks as he just wanted it over and done with. So this was shot in pretty much one take. The spanking was very real and hard and George took it incredibly well”””

7 Responses to Rock Star Spanked (Part 2)

  1. Avatar garry_mercer
    garry_mercer says:

    This looks really hot. I hove it when a cocky guy, who thinks he is really cool, gets humiliated and brought down to size, especially if it involves him getting spanked till he can’t sit down.

    • Hi Garry, considering it was George’s first ever spanking he took one hell of a whacking! You really get the satisfaction of seeing him start out to cocky and then squirming around defeated as the belt rains down!

    • Avatar garry_mercer
      garry_mercer says:

      Yes it is very satisfying when the guys really deserve their comeuppance. I haven’t seen this yet, but from the pix it looks as if George deserves every smack

  2. He looks like Brad Pitt

  3. Love this video. Lots of hot guys at Straight Lads Spanked. This one is especially fun because of the humiliation aspect. Seeing the tough, masculine, guy reduced to a naughty boy is amazing. George is also very sexy. Join the site! It’s the best.

  4. This is wicked! Straight Lads Spanked, have a nice line in humiliation now and then. The Humiliations of Bailey and Ben were incredible, also Baily Bullies apprentice and Red Card Red Bottom were extra hot because of the element of humiliation. I would like to more stories with hunky guys being embarrassed and humiliated. Perhaps next time George’s band could be invited to watch his punishment, or maybe his girlfriend even.

    I’d also like to see Dom being really embarrassed after he’s been too impudent and cocky, that would be cool