Straight Lads Spanked – Wayne and Adam “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home”


Wayne is relaxing at his friend Adam’s house. They discover that Adam’s Dad is away for the evening so they decide to full advantage of the situation – Starting By drinking Dad’s booze

Watching porn on their cell phones

 And smoking dope
 Generally being very naughty boys
 Finally the pass out
Unlucky for the boys Dad returns unexpectedly. He is not happy with the behaviour and decides that punishment is in order.
Wayne begs Adam’s Dad not to tell his own father and agree’s to take whatever punishment Adam will receive.
Wayne may live to regret this decision.
 Both lads get spanked hard, over the knee, bare bottom in front of each other.

This is clearly painful and embarrassing…

Wayne realises he may have made a mistake

 But this is only the beginning, Dad has to return to work, but he tells the boys to wait for him and that, when he returns, they will get the belt.


If Those naughty boys think their bottoms are sore now …..

 Just wait until Father gets home!

Wayne and Adam’s ordeal will continue in part 2

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