Tommy – Bubble Bath Blues

Tommy – Bubbles Bath Blues 

Tommy comes home after a hard day. The tired lad strips off and has a nice long soak in a hot bath.

Tommy then gets into his pajamas and into bed.

He is fast asleep when his angry Dad comes home! Earlier that day Tommy had been giving cheek to his Grandmother and his father is not happy. Tommy has had a bad attitude lately and Dad decides to adjust it!

Tommy is a big, strapping lad but he soon finds himself over Dad’s knee feeling the full force of his slipper. First across the seat of his thin blue cotton pajamas ..

..and then on his beefy but tender bare bottom

Dad spanks the lad over his knee, using both hand and stinging slipper until its a blushing and very sore shade of pink!

Maybe next time Tommy will think twice before disrespecting his elders!

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