Patrick’s Bath Brush Beating

Handsome Irish lad Patrick is in for a serious spanking at Straight Lads Spanked

Patrick Lee has gotten out of control! Fighting again and ruining a family Christening. Patrick has been sent by his family to see the local community spanker Mr X for a harsh punishment.

Patrick knows he is in deep trouble and insists he is very sorry, but his cocky grin gives him away. Mr X is not interested in sorry though and gives the lad a stern lecture.

The tough talking too though is only the beginning though and Patrick soon finds himself over Mr X’s knee getting the hardest spanking of his life! Patrick does his best to take it but everything changes when he is instructed to fetch the bath brush.

Patrick saw first hand the damage the brush did to his big brother and is terrified. He knows though that he has to go through with it. 

Mr X does not hold back and what happens is one of the harshest bath brush beatings to date, Patrick is left sore, sorry and bruised.

A very sore and contrite Patrick!

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    Anonymous says:

    Straight Lads Spanked just gets better and better. Everytime I pick a favorite model a new movie comes out and changes my mind. The movies are awesome and the models are fantastic. Thank You!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it! It means a lot!

    Dave – Straight Lads Spanked

  3. Patrick and his big brother make incredibly hot victims!