Rock Star Spanked (Part 1)

George is a young man with a lot of attitude! He is in a band and gets a lot of attention from the fans and this seems to have given him a lot arrogance.

George has a girlfriend…. however he also decided to have a second girlfriend! The second girlfriend found out that she had been lied and cheated too and wanted revenge! So George was given an ultimatum! Go and visit local spanker Mr X for punishment or she tells his ‘real’ girlfriend about his sordid affair!

George turns up at mr X’s house and this arrogant straight lad has no real idea what awaits him. He soon discovers that he he due to get spanked and still thinks that is a joke!
 Mr X is used to dealing with cocky arrogant young men like George

(comment by Ward: George comes across as such an arrogant jerk that by this point in the movie, I really (I mean REALLY) wanted to see him get spanked)

 Mr X soon has the handsome and very egotistic young rock star over his knee! At first George continues to find the situation funny. 

 However, his attitude begins to change when he realises that spanking hurts ..
 Mr X orders George to strip down to his boxer shorts

 Then back over his knee


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