BBFC: Ricky Deals with Leon – Part 1

BBFC: Ricky Deals with Leon pt 1

(Part one of a three part story – see below)

Ricky has just got home from work and has had a tired difficult day. He asks Leon to make him a coffee as he has been home all day.


Leon, having a cheeky mischievous nature, makes the coffee with salt instead of sugar.


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One sip and Ricky spits it out much to the amusement of the giggling Leon. But Ricky is not a man to be messed with and he grabs Leon and drags him over the knee roughly. He then lays into his ass hard and fast.


The thin pants that Leon is wearing offer little protection and when Ricky pulls them down we see that Leon’s butt is already glowing well. A great hand spanking follows from an angry Ricky.







When he is finished Leon stands up rubbing his butt and Ricky stands in front of him, he then grabs Leon by the junk and lifts him up to tip-toe and warns him not to annoy him any more today. Ricky says he is going for a bath and storms out of the room.


Part 2 is tomorrow when we see what happens when Ricky comes back from his bath. On Sunday the tale ends with both lads in trouble . (Trailer to follow)


NOTE: A change of pace this week. Today, Friday 8th BBFC members get a members only clip, not available anywhere else. This is with Kristopher OTK (see trailer below) .Saturday BBFC members get all three clips from the Leon and Ricky tale. The three parts of the tale are available on Clips4sale individually