Training4Boys : Anton Azuro


Anton is a 25 year old French student in search of accommodation for a year. Master is happy to welcome him to the household, with the usual deal “free stay in change for housework and cooking”. The only surprise comes when Master informs Anton that he will get spanked every time he doesn’t carry out a task properly… but also when Master feels like it. Anton cannot believe his ears but Master explains it that this is a crucial part of the agreement.


It seems that Anton has never undergone a correction session and Master is happy to give him an introduction: once Anton is bare chest, he begins the painful ordeal with a serious hand tawsing with a leather strap. Then, pants down, Anton is humiliated and severely punished with a cane before tasting Master signature hand spankings.


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WARNING – Anton receives harsh punishment



In an attempt of maintaining his dignity as a man, young Anton tries his best to resist his ordeal till the end – but being whipped with a riding crop and then spanked severely, is definitely a hard test. Master picks the double leather strap again for Anton’s already inflamed ass. Resigned to his fate, Anton faces the strong series of strappings, followed by another dose of hand spanking, all targeting the centre of his buttocks: being punished on such intimate point is a lot of humiliation to endure.


Master delights in Anton’s French accent and proceeds to unveil the latest tool for their training session: enduring the sting of the wooden hairbrush and relentless hand spankings, Anton completes the harsh but necessary punishment training. WELCOME, ANTON. At the end, Master inquires which instrument inflicted the greater sting and hardship upon the boy.

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