Meet Ken (at the Magic Spanking Factory)

Ken, of Japanese/German descent, having being spanked at home for years tells JustMagic he misses being spanked and volunteers to take a good spanking at the Factory. Starting off on his tight jeans he soon starts to feel the heat but there is a lot more in store for this long legged guy. By the time the hand spanking stops his smooth buttocks are a deep shade of red. Bent over the table he gets his buttocks well belted. JustMagic decides that a dose of the whip would be a good idea to finish him off, the last strokes of which he gets kneeling on the floor with his legs apart and his bottom in the air. An excellent position for striking the most delicate part of his behind


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    Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed meeting Ken particularly the shots of him on his knees getting whacked between his cheeks. This boy has a great future if he is prepared to get spanked often.Jonathons bottom gets spanked so often that he should enjoy having a mate who can take the pain off him from time to time