’tis the Season

It may only be December 1st, but the shops down our way have been selling Christmas cheer for two months now, so JockSpank and Feel the Sting are kicking off Christmas with seasonal blog headers.  Feel the Sting will have rotating Christmas blog headers changing every few days, and here is the full sized version of the JockSpank header.

Season’s greetings to you all

9 Responses to ’tis the Season

  1. ¡¡Gracias por la portada,está genial,y muy felices fiestas para todos vosotros!!

  2. love the new header!

  3. Excellent:is Bruce the author of this illustration?

  4. Well spotted! Yes this is one of Bruce’s creations!!

  5. Seasons Spankins to you! the seasonal header is spanktastic 🙂