Man’s Hand Films – The Barracks (Part 3)

 In the third and final part of classic Mans Hand Films video the Barracks which is now available as a download Ty privately informs Kurt that he has been fired, but when Kurt mouths-off, he finds himself on the receiving end of a serious bare-butt spanking for the first time.  After his bare ass is burning he get bum-rushed out the door unable to get his pants up in the process.

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2 Responses to Man’s Hand Films – The Barracks (Part 3)

  1. Why is the classis eighties spanking porn so great from studios like mans hands or control t studios and why wont any of the current studios copy their example at this point a blaten rip off would be better than a lot of the stuff that gets made especially from america. What the films from the eighties had that most of todays films dont is imagination snd heavy role play. In the old days a lot of times they had guys in their mid to late thirties playing young boys in high school or college. It still came better than the majority of.the movies they make these days with the young twink or athletes they have doing they playing roles age appropiately. The reason it worked so well in the films of the eighties is because it didnt matter thatthe guy was thirtyfive because how good they were at heavy role play. Role play is essencial in movie making. An(ther i like about the eighties spank flicks is that the spankees tended to bog juicy sexy boooties

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    Anonymous says:

    I agree. The older movies had a flair for role play. The role play needs to be good though, not so stupid that it ruins the movie. Personally, I hate twinks. I don’t want to see a twink get spanked. They are almost always skin and bone, and thats no fun to watch. There is nothing hotter than a big guy, with a beefy butt, being put over another mans lap, and spanked long and hard. The spanking needs to be real, and hard enough to be believable. And the man being spanked has to react. Watching a man just lay there and make no noise, or have any reaction to a spanking is boring. I also like it when the man being spanked has a sexual reaction as well. It’s nice when after the spanking is over, he gets up from over his spankers lap, and is rubbing his butt vigorously, and he has a raging hard on. It’s a ‘nice surprise’. It’s even better when it’s part of the role play, and something that needs to be addressed by the spanker.