Straight Lads Spanked – Andy in “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home”

At Straight Lads Spanked Andy is in serious trouble! He borrowed his fathers car without permission and was drove it whilst he was intoxicated! Andy knew he was in trouble when he couldn’t even start the car. Terrified that the police would find him he called his Father and begged for help. His Dad had to get a taxi to where is drunk son was parked and drive him home. 

Hi furious father put Andy in his old bedroom to sober up and was told to get ready for him coming home from work at 5pm!

Andy can hardly sleep knowing how much trouble he is in! He has not been spanked by his father since he was a teenager and he knows it is going to be tough!

At 5pm Andy gets undressed and lays on the bed waiting for his Father to deal with him,

“You have let me down badly son. How could you have been so stupid”!

“No Dad, I’m so sorry, I’m too old for your belt”

Andy’s father ignores his son’s pleas for mercy and lays into him with his thick leather belt!

Andy can only cling onto the bed praying for it to end!

But it’s no where near over! Andy has the indignity of getting his underwear removed and is lying their exposed and naked as his Father lays into his bare bottom!

Finally the punishment is over and Andy is left broken, sore and feeling very ashamed!

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