Mans Hand Films: “Red Tails” Male Spanking Mag 25 Year Anniversary

It’s the 25 year Anniversary of Mans Hand Films‘ Red Tails Magazine. Here is a message from Vern at Mans Hand Films


Man’s Hand Is Headed Off to Camp Red Tails but don’t worry you orders will be taken care of.

Jacob The Office Boy will be on the job to handle emergencies.

We hope you enjoy reading the 25 Year Anniversary Issue.
That’s right it Happens to be 25 Years ago that the very first issue of Red Tails was “printed” and distributed.


Here are some excerpts from this special Summer Issue,103 of Red Tails Magazine.


Click on the images to see the full sized pages




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Red Tails Magazine is America’s (and probably the world’s) the longest running male spanking magazine still in publication. It has unique content of stories, art, (including the fantastic work of Copper) news, advice, photos and opinion and humor.

Red Tails is published, online, once a quarter as the central feature of Man’s Hand Members Only subscription.
More details can be found at:

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