8 Responses to Liam Bath Brush Beating – New Trailer

  1. I like mr x videos but the quality of his videos ain’t that great I mean picture quality. Are you gonna get a better camera X

  2. Last one I see was James and Oliver I’d say there fairly recent 🙂 Not really my thing bath brush beating

  3. Hi Anonymous!

    Ok, great news is that I have found a better way of editing that has vastly improved picture quality! It has been used in this new release.

    Fingers crossed all future releases should reflect that.

    To be honest though, one thing you are never going to get from my productions are slick productions that reflect studio quality… Mainly because when I am shooting with these guys the spankings really are raw and real and there is no chance for retakes. I just go for it and get the best footage I can in the can!

    Anyway, I appreciate that the bath brush beating is not to everyones tastes. However, watch this space and there is lots more coming soon with picture quality that is certainly improving!


    Mr X

    • Real and raw is reality. I spank a few submissive lads on a regular basis – and while I appreciate the staged and well-shot vids that some producers take pains in offering, I must admit that seeing a real boi get his ass torn up good and proper does make for a very arousing view. Bravo!

  4. Thanks mr x I like raw real footage just at times some quality seemed abit of which is a let down cuz your films are so good. Look forward to the future releases