Straight Lads Spanked – Liam – Bath Brush Beating!

Liam has been fighting again! This time it is worse than ever. He got drunk at a nightclub and threatened another lad with a broken bottle.
The police got involved and delivered Liam back to his distraught Mother in the early hours of the morning. -Liam could well face criminal charges!
His Mother is running out of options on how to control her wayward son. She knows he has a good heart but Liam is being influenced by the wrong crowd… She decides to send him to Mr X, the local spanker to face some punishment. The dreaded bath brush!
Liam turns up to see Mr X still coughing and spluttering from heavily drinking and smoking the previous night. The reality of what he did last night is slowly sinking in…
Liam is resigned to the punishment that awaits him…
The dreaded Bath Brush!
Mr X does not hold back and delivers a very strong, harsh beating that leaves Liam, broken battered and bruised….. Liam will not be fighting anytime soon!

Video Preview!
Please be aware that this movie contains very real footage of a very harsh spanking that may not be to everyone’s taste..

6 Responses to Straight Lads Spanked – Liam – Bath Brush Beating!

  1. Anonymous–MrX does a great job with this spanking .However it takes to long for the Pants to come down and off and this has a definite affect on what is good Ass whipping .In my view in this situation and all others where a spanking is tobe punishment it needs to be shin to skin ( bare) from the beginning Even if it’s only Jockeys delayed the process.Having one Strip Bare Iis the only way it should be done and this in most situation this is the Norm

  2. Hey thanks for some great feedback. SO glad you enjoyed the movie! As for doing a great job? Well I just try my best! I guess it really is just a matter of opinion regarding spanking on pants or jeans or bare! What I have learned is that there is no single set formula that everyone enjoys. I get feedback all the time and I know for sure that many people simply love to see a lad get spanked on his underwear. Even then, the choice if underwear is very important and differs from person to person. From my own personal point of view, when dealing with a straight lad in particular, I feel that gradual process of getting being ordered to get more naked during the punishment add to the humiliation. I know that that most of the models I film with hate the part when they have to remove their underwear and end up fully exposed! Anyway, considering this movie is just short of 19 mins we get to see a good section of denim spanking, white underwear spanking and finally bruised bare bottom!!! The comments have been flooding in for this movie! Here is what others are saying over on my blog

    “”this is the best film Liam has done so far, the Bath Brush is a real killer, Liam bottom looked like it was on fire by the end, from this film it looks like liam has put on a little muscle, as his body fills out, Mr X I want your job of rubbing the cream on these guys bottoms””

    “”As someone who has some experience of the hairbrush I am in a position to state that this is a fantastic video. Liam does a GREAT job. I don’t know what he was paid, but he earned every penny and the video is worth every penny it costs. If you are a fan of hairbrush spanking, you have to see this video!””

    “”Liam is the MAN!!!””

  3. Hmmm I Agree with Mr X every one differs but a real spanking as you once said it your videos mr x is when the pant come off so bets are on take them down faster but your videos are good spanking the lads hard which is good I mean even f/m spanking is more intense than mm sometimes but hay ho

  4. Wow, getting iMovie and iTunes to support a spanking film is good business. Well done Mr X. The films sure deserve it.

  5. iTunes don’t support any adult film I can confirm that none of Mr X clips are avaliable on iTunes store. As a member of the team I can assure you iTunes only supports the clips format.

  6. Hi! Yes just to clarify. The preview movie was made using imovie. Having Imovie and Itunes appear in the end credits is a default feature of the programme I use and it in way suggests that the content of the trailer is endorsed by Apple! 🙂