Josef Humiliated

Josef did not go to school, because he was out partying all night. As punishment, he is made to strip naked then bend the legs, while the master spanks her ass. Then he continues to punish Joseph’s feet with the strap and cane, before, again punishing him on the ass. This video is from a new East Europe Boys site FEET BASTINADO BOYS focusing on Spanking and Foot Punishment.

Trailer – Part 1

Trailer Part 2

Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from Spanking Boys Video

5 Responses to Josef Humiliated

  1. Avatar Frank T.
    Frank T. says:

    Both “Josef Humiliated” clips, Parts 1 and 2 are both terrific! I just bought them. Josef is all muscle, with a gorgeous body. “The Master” gives Josef an impossible task: to balance a cane holding out his arms. This is while Josef’s feet are alternately caned with an occasional swat to his bottom. Josef drops the balanced cane frequently and then the swats to his feet intensify! Please more humiliation to Josef, I will buy each one!

  2. Avatar Frank T.
    Frank T. says:

    For both Pasrts 1 and 2, the camera shows Josef’s gorgeous butt close up as he rocks it and rolls it in pain inflicted by the nonstop swats to both feet and butt. And when Josef drops the cane he is charged with balancing, the pain and swats intensify! A truly spellbinding 50 plus minutes.