East Europe Boys: Spanking clips (Part 2 of 2)

The second three of six video clips from regular contributor East Europe boys at

Spanking Boys Video

Spanking Army Boys: Sergeant Punishes New Recruit.

A new recruit is punished by his own sergeant, first with the leather strap, then he is spanked by hand. Subsequently the sergeant continues to punish the young soldier first with the wooden paddle, putting a strain on his endurance level, and then this is followed by a vigorous hand spanking over the sergeant’s knee.



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Spanking: Twins (part 1)

Johnny introduces his brother twin to the Master for a video spanking. Alessandro did not know he would have to undergo a naked spanking in front of his brother, and the master asked his brother Johnny to spank him, first with a short leather strap, and then by hand over Jonnhy’s knee. But the surprise that Johnny did not know, is that the master wants to see subsequently, also Johnny naked and spanked by his brother.







Spanking Boys EU


Spanking Boys Video


Double Vision (bastinado)

Johnny is the servant boy of the master’s house, he washes, cleans and cooks, etc.. But the house is big, and Johnny called his twin brother to get help. When the master sees them coming together, he is stunned to see 2 boys the same, and cannot resist the desire to use the cane on them. The twin boy, is amazed by the request of the master, and even more stunned when asked to undress, and Johhny explains the rules of the house to him, then the boys take a hard beating on the soles of them bare feet with a cane while in an extremely vulnerable position.






2 Responses to East Europe Boys: Spanking clips (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Wow having both twins with there legs up is very hot minus the feet spanking that is.

  2. That sight is doubly pleasurable, seeing the twins in that bastinado position! Also good to find them OTK spanking each other very interesting.