Magic Spanking Factory : Naughty Boy Lars

Naughty Boy Lars

The latest morality tale from The Magic Spanking Factory “Naughty Boy Lars” opens with young Lars in his bedroom, dressed appropriately in his tight school shorts and anxiously fiddling with a sealed envelope, whilst glancing worriedly at the clock on the wall. “What am I going to do?” he mutters as the minutes tick by and he waits for what he knows is coming.


A knock on the door announces the dreaded arrival of his guardian, JustMagic, who has already been informed by Lars’s school that the young miscreant has a letter for him.

Taking the letter from Lars’s hand JustMagic reads the details of the his behaviour as the unhappy lad apologises, in desperate, but doomed, attempt to avoid his well deserved comeuppance.

His apology falling on deaf ears, the naughty boy soon finds himself over his guardian’s knee receiving a well deserved hand spanking starting on the seat of his skin tight shorts.


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The hand spanking is followed by a hard thrashing with a belt and then the cane.



The belting and caning are repeated first on Lars’s tight white underpants and finally on his smooth bare bottom.





Many whacks later, Lars is left with a burning backside, which even the soothing cream he rubs into it will not cool, and the well learned life lesson that naughty boys end up with sore bottoms!


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5 Responses to Magic Spanking Factory : Naughty Boy Lars

  1. Just fantastic to see the Magic Spanking Factory on here again! It’s been such a miss at JS! And what a comeback!

  2. Avatar Stephen
    Stephen says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. There will be more from him soon.

  3. I’m looking forward to it enormously already! Lars is VERY spankable! Only one request, Stephen – having seen him in white briefs, please could he wear coloured briefs next time?

  4. Avatar Stephen
    Stephen says:

    I promise that you will see his tight little bottom in a beautiful pair of red briefs.