Jonathon’s First Punishment – FREE

To celebrate JockSpank’s 5th Anniversary JustMagic from the Magic Spanking Factory has generously contributed a free copy the popular Jonathon’s First Ever Punishment – which can be downloaded FREE from the from the links below

The Free 5.11 minute video can be downloaded from either of the following links

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)

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10 years ago

Congratulations on five years of fantastic work for the spanking community.
I fervently lurked here for years before contributing anything and I admit the fervent lurking was fun too! What you guys have amassed and uploaded for all of us to enjoy is really incredible. I doubt very much if the average visitor knows what an amount of work is behind each and every posting. All I can do is humbly bow my head and say “Thank you” and please keep up the good work.


10 years ago

Very generous of you, this is a great clip.