Magic Spanking Factory – Credit Card Con

 Jonathon in “Credit Card Con

This is one very hot clip!!! Handsome bad boy Jonathon has been caught trying to use his Dad’s credit card without my permission. Dad was absolutely raging as you no doubt can imagine. Luckily he admitted just in time to his almost criminal act. However Dad was certainly determined though to teach him a lesson he will never ever forget. A good belting started his eventually degrading punishment.


No holds were barred as Dad beat his impressive naked buttocks with his thick leather belt. Soon the effects of the lashing could be seen on his globes but the angry father was not stopping there.

Ordering the bad lad to kneel on the floor with his bottom in the air Dad grabbed a whip and the flogging continued. With the thin strands of the evil instrument reaching the very softest and most secret part of his posterior his howling increased. 

Soon though he was lying on the table with his legs behind his back for a finishing off slippering on his extremely exposed burning buttocks. This is a very revealing clip where ALL can be seen!!

The very red and very sore bottom which a bad boy deserves
Video Trailer

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