JockSpank at 10 (Part 3) A Decade of Spanking

JockSpank at 10

JockSpank continues our 10th anniversary celebration with a further stroll through the past, and now we have reached 2012

As in earlier years, we continued to post vintage pictures, such as this image at the top of this posting featuring Ronald Reagan, who would go on to become a two term US president, clearly enjoying watching a male on male Spanking / Paddling

also in 2012 we continued to enjoy the sight of handsome Chase from Spanking Central getting his great butt toasted by Cliff

Meanwhile at SpankThis TJ Woods spanksed Kein Sorgen

Czech Guys Next Door became and Rudy took a spanking from Mirek Voight


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and at CP4Men a school thief got his comeuppance

The world class spanker Dr Barton gave an interview to JockSpank

Two naughty builders, Bailey and Andy, received well deserved bare bottom spankings when the Gatecrashed a party at the new studio Straight Lads Spanked.

This video also featured the fearsome Dr Barton)

Back in Prague Sting released Banged Up My Borstal days 2

Which featured one of Barry’s last performances for Sting

 The artist Matt remained popular with his great ear pulling pictures

While Barry was leaving Sting, over at east Europe Boys, a very young Lucas Liz was making his first of many appearances


Jake took a whacking at Reluctant Young Men


and arrogant Louie had a painful and humiliating experience at the old StraightHell (Now Breeder Fuckers)


while the Unstoppable Franco gave us Dr Bottomthrob


Moving on to 2013, and Barry was back and bare bottomed, filming with Dr Skelpz in “Bad Day for Barry”

The appearance of the handsome, spankable and very naughty Jonathon at the Magic Spanking Factory had a huge impact on spanking fans …




. and a significant (and frequent) impact on Jonathon’s cute little bottom

The artist Copper taught us The Art of Spanking

Over at Straight Lads Spanked, Ben was humiliated ..

…and the very expressive Dom joined the studio


Still on the subject of Straight Lads Spanked, the mysterious Mr X gave an interview to JockSpank

There was a “Painful Intrusion” at BBFC


Mans Hand Films were “Disturbing the Peace”


and at Sting the very handsome Rudi was “Burned by Temptation”


And of course we had the wonderful creations of Leather Strap, who’s great website and blog are still much missed

Later in the week we will more on to 2014

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