Kitchen Bums – Housekeeping : At Bottom Line

Kitchen Bums – Housekeeping

After checking into a room and finding it no better than the Casa’s food, Jackson takes Jacob the half-waiter half-housekeeper to task.


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Kitchen Bums – Housekeeping


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Dr van Spanking
6 months ago

O ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! I think this clip is one of the best BLS have done yet, with young Jacob really coming into his own, having already been thrown in at the deep end by being laid over the knee in his debut video!

The smallest and for me, cutest of a group of impossibly cute and spankable young lads, the errant little rascal is picked out once again to be disciplined! And with those dark-haired, youthful good looks and boyish physique, he is just the perfect addition to any spanking studio! I’d LOVE to have him in my circle of Naughty Boys!

And what a bottom Jacob has to smack! Beautifully rounded, pert and slightly plump, those cheeky cheeks were just moulded by the gods of Spankers’ Heaven to be smacked! Made to bend over (over an article of furniture that looks as though it could have been constructed for the purpose) the boy receives the spanking he deserves over his training-bottoms and then across the seat of his boxer-briefs! The underpants sequence was a major turn-on, with the hapless youngster clearly being smacked very hard over a good, short and tight pair of boxers, the perfect length to frame Jacob’s bottom for smacking, and, being navy-blue, my second favourite colour for spankingwear!

The punishment progresses to a whipping of the buttocks with a multi-thonged whip – an awesome instrument of discipline in the right hands! I have one with six thongs – it’s just like receiving six of the best with each stroke and my Naughty Boys can all attest to the hot, smarting sting of the thongs as they snake across their bare, whippable backs, naked buttocks, and very vulnerable thighs! From Jacob’s grimaces and gasps of pain, he would be able to sympathise! I’m guessing that there’d be one young man determined to do rather better after all that, to say nothing of having to spend at least one night sleeping on his tummy!

* A little footnote, as a point of interest. Have a close look at the seat of young Jacob’s boxer-briefs – no doubt you can see the small hole in the area stretched over the lower-left quadrant of the boy’s bum? Not his fault at all, but it does beg questions about the quality of Mr. Calvin Klein’s ludicrously overpriced underpants!