Straight Footballer Jay – Spanked for Fighting – Part One

New from Straight Lads Spanked: Jay is an arrogant, angry, beefy, straight young footballer. He seems to lash out with his fists without even thinking……
It has happened once to many times and his Football Coach has decided to teach this moody young man an embarrassing and painful lesson!
Jay works out. He is muscular guy and is a hit with the ladies..
He takes his football very seriously though and if things don’t go his way he tends to ‘fix’ the situation with his fists!
Jay has been sent to see the Mr X (the local, community Spanker) to be taught a hard lesson. Mr X grills Jay about his behaviour and then does the inevitable and drags him over his knee!

Mr X goes to town on Jay’s incredible beefy. bubble butt! He spanks it hard!

Jay tries to keep calm and but all that stops when Mr X orders Jay to remove his shirt and his football shorts!

Jay ends up getting spanked long and hard. Jay is very vocal and squirms and kicks and protests and yells and is pushed beyond anything he ever thought he could take and is left broken and sore!
More from Mr X!
You really have to see this! Jay has the most amazing butt I have ever spanked! He has an incredible beefy bubble butt! Jay took a real hard spanking and he is very vocal as the pain hit in! At 20 mins long Jay endured a lot! ….



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11 years ago

Your link (immediately above this morning) to “New Crush (2009) leads to nothing: the images have been removed.