Foot and Butt Punishment: Bad college grades for Noah Eden

Bad college grades for Noah Eden

We are in the final weeks of the school year, and Noah is at risk of repeating it. When the guardian comes back from meeting with the teacher, Noah is found playing on his phone, earning himself some immediate harsh consequences: a bastinado on the sensitive soles of his feet and cane strikes on his smooth ass, followed by a deserved firm hand spanking.


Noah’s punishment continues with more caning of his sensitive soles and ass, all while the boy is straddling the back of the couch; after the cane, it’s time for another sound hand spanking that he’s very well worth of.


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Following, the guardian takes a double leather strap from the drawer: a sight that frightens the poor boy. Initially, strapped on the soles while on the bed, Noah gets turned over for a dose of double strap on his ass, just before getting a good dose of traditional hand spanking.

Later, he’s supine on the edge of the bed, legs spread and raised, when he gets striked with a double leather strap on the sensitive soles of his feet and his buttocks, for a complete and painful punishment that leaves him in agony. To intensify the discipline, Master adds firm hand spanks on the boy’s buttocks as well as on his exposed, sensitive anus.

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    Bastinado Boy says:

    I’m a big Noah Eden fan! Has a gorgeous to die for butt and body! East Europe Studio’s biggest star. This video is great along with another released by East Europe together! Noah, using Liam Rose, also stars in the new Sting release! Liam made one more video for Sting last October! Check them out and buy them all!