Foot and Butt Punishment: A Good Punishment for NOAH EDEN

A Good Punishment for NOAH EDEN

Master had asked Noah to bring his car to wash while he was busy with other commitments. Instead, Noah completely forgot to, so when Master found out that his car hadn’t been tidied as requested, Noah immediately realises a good and proper punishment is about to come. Noah is dragged in by the ear, then the Master order the boy to kneel and offer his palms for a double leather strap treatment, until the boy’s palms are sore and bright red.


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Then, once stripped, the boy is also severely punished with a long whip, very painful, before receiving a series of excellent spankings on his tender feet, on his buttocks and on his open asshole, ready to receive the humiliating punishment that befits a young man in need of discipline. Master takes the double leather strap back into his hands to punish the boy’s tender soles, the already sore butt as well as his asshole.

The undisciplined Noah is made stand up, then kneel again but remaining naked, while Master punishes the boy’s palms again with the leather strap, until he’s satisfied; but he cannot help but warning Noah that if he misbehaves again, consequences will have to be faced.

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