Sting: Video Preview for Angry Stepbrothers 2


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2 Responses to Sting: Video Preview for Angry Stepbrothers 2

  1. Avatar Dr van Spanking
    Dr van Spanking says:

    WOW! I never tire of seeing young James laid over the knee for a good smacked bottom! And doesn’t he look great in his school uniform – handsome and so boyish and cheeky! Even just walking home, he looks as though he is really asking for a spanking, without us even getting his rear view!

    I particularly found it a massive turn-on when the lad had to take his shorts down and revealed that not only did he have coloured underpants on as I was hoping, but he was wearing briefs! For me, briefs have the edge when it comes to spankingwear because, although I do love boxer-briefs, I find that briefs frame a boy’s bottom and thighs so much better for smacking! I am fairly sure it is the first time we have seen James getting smacked in briefs, and it more than makes up for the time he committed the cardinal error of wearing white boner-killers to be spanked!

    I am not the biggest fan of bare-bottom spankings, but when James bent stark naked over the chair in the classic naughty schoolboy corporal punishment position, I had to stop myself smacking my computer-screen!

    Hasn’t Ryan grown wonderfully into his role as a top (though it is good to se him appearing as a bottom like he did in the recent clip, ‘Workshy 8′)! From James’ reactions to his punishment, this hunky lad clearly has a hard hand and a strong right arm, and knows his job when it comes to laying on the leather belt! By the time he has finished ‘disciplining’ his tale-bearing little step-brother, the boy looks very sorry for himself indeed! Incidentally, I write ‘disciplining’ inside inverted commas, as it isn’t really discipline – it’s vengeance pure and simple, but understandable vengeance. I might have tanned a younger brother’s backside good and hard myself if his tale-bearing had earned me a thrashing from my boss!
    Definitely a must for the collection!

  2. Loved the grey briefs too! And that more than ample manhood!