Southern Discipline – Ryan’s Real Discipline

Ryan’s Real Discipline is a new release from a new Spanking Studio Southern Discipline
Storyline: Ryan has been spanked by Southern Discipline before, returns for real life discipline. Ryan is sat down for a conversation about his life choices, irresponsibility, and behavior. Ryan admits that he has done many things as an adult that he has gotten away with and needs a good hard ass whipping for. In this video, both mine and Ryan’s faces are fully visible for the whole interview, and when his face isn’t buried in the pillow, during the spanking as well. Ryan is whipped hard with my thick leather belt, and he howls and bawls very hard, but the whipping continues. Ryan will be returning for more real life discipline very soon. 
Some More images from Southern Discipline

And a compilation of clips from their recent videos

Southern Discipline is new to me, but it looks worth checking out, here are some links:

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  1. Nice website. Southern boy here. You ever need actors?