Dorm Duo – At Bottom Line

Dorm Duo – Phone Final Allen

Allen has arrived home where is supposed to be studying for an upcoming exam. Instead he immediate goes on his mobile phone. When discovered not long after Mickey takes the errant Allen to task with an array of tools.


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Dorm Duo – Phone Final Allen


Title 2257


One Response to Dorm Duo – At Bottom Line

  1. Avatar Dr van Spanking
    Dr van Spanking says:

    After weeks of seeing lads on this site being spanked over monotonous white boner-killers of underpants, it is a deliciously refreshing change to see young Allen get his trousers taken down (the best way to say to a naughty boy ‘You’re completely in my control, young man!’) and be laid over the knee in a good tight pair of dark-coloured briefs – the best type of spankingwear!

    This spanking had almost everything I could possibly have wanted given my own personal punishment preferences! I would really love to see more like this – and a LOT more of the coloured underpants, please!!!