Domestic Trilogy from Sting

 Domestic Trilogy is a new domestic themed download from Sting staring Sebastian, Barry and new Sting Lad Lewis Johanson
The first scene features Sebastian in ‘Hello Mr Wood’.  A young man is caught trying to reactivate a military rifle. For this reckless act he is punished right there and then in the workshop.
 Soon his jeans are down and his bare backside feels a succession relentless slaps……… 

 To really make sure he understands the error of his ways the lad is ordered to lie across the tool box and the nearest instrument of correction is grabbed. A painful flat piece of pine slating is soon echoing round the workshop as it cracks in to the boy’s rounded bare bottom. This young gun is certainly going to learn a lesson.

Lewis Johanson makes his debut appearance in “Puppy tail”

 Lewis has the dreaded task of returning home with yet another letter complaining of his behaviour. Dad has had enough and feels it’s high time to teach Jack a proper lesson, so, likening his ways as that of a naughty puppy he is treated as such…….. 

 Sent to his room to change and await punishment Jack can only reflect on what will happen. He doesn’t have to wait long and soon his Dad has him laid across his knee for a good spanking..

his freshly inserted puppy tail adding to the humiliation

 Feeling he has been a little to soft with the boy a birch, kept on top of the wardrobe, is brought down to finish the lesson…….. 

A further scene entitled ‘Sorry Pops’ takes a look at a South African Dads discipline method. Barry plays a wayward lad who has pushed his father too far. He returns home to find his dad is in no mood to compromise. Ordered to kneel in a sofa with his bare backside raised high the young lad bucks a yelps as a well-used leather belt scorches his naked bottom. This time Pops really is annoyed! 


 There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

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11 years ago

Good to see Barry and Sebastian again. The new lad is lovely.

11 years ago

Barry he got that SUPER BASS!!!! Lol

11 years ago

Ward, where in JS is Sebastian “gingered up”
in the Victorian enhancement
of spanking? And, when are
we going to see Jay Faith

11 years ago

Hi Anonymous 01:01

Sebastian gets gingered up in “The Discipline Diaries 1900, here is a link at JockSpank

here is the video

I will find out more about Jay Faith and post a message later

11 years ago

Thanks very much Ward.
Also JS 11-13-10
spice is added to sting
to warm things up
gingering up
Sebastian’s sensational ass
his deep, deep inner sanctum

11 years ago

I am an over the knee guy,
a more personal touch
being spanked or spanking.

11 years ago

To Anonymous 01:01 19 May 2012:

Jay Faith will be appearing in the next movie by Dr Skelpz “Gotta Get Paid” which has just finished filming

11 years ago

Thanks Bruce,
Barry look alike,
Faith is fabulous
face and fanny