Sting’s latest Download – St Datchet’s Academy – the Epilogue

The new Sting download “St Datchet’s Academy – The Epilogue” complete the story of Tales from St Datchets Academy. In the original story (also on DVD) the final reckoning had come for the lads at Debden Hall, Nick Frazer and Mike Dawson. Frazer receiving a hard birching from his housemaster while his cohort Dawson was made to look on and witness the spectacle. In this new story (The epilogue) the prefects at St Datchets, Christian Weaver (Brett Stevens) and Paul Harrington (James) also get their comeuppance for their own illegal trading activities associated with Frazer and Dawson. Weaver is willing to accept his guilt and takes a hard caning of which he painfully calls and counts out every stroke! Harrington the ringleader doesn’t want to come so easily but is forced by the new housemaster Dr Barton, now transferred from Debden Hall, to take his well deserved punishment a birching with the famed St Datchets brush birch laid on by Mr James the PE head.

The final reckoning had come for Weaver and Harrington but others too where feeling the sting of firm discipline. New PE master Mr Medek (Dexter) was dealing out his own form of punishment to two inseparable offenders Simmons (Sebastian) and Roberts (Rowan Hunter). Good hard over the knee spankings followed by the slipper and a burning touch the toes caning was this fit young PE masters recipe to cure bad behaviour. Another student, Andrew Peterson (Ginger) is keeping Mr Gregory busy with his tuck shop raiding exploits resulting in a night time slippering over the gym horse.

New master Mr Jeffries (Jamie) also crosses swords with young Peterson who soon finds himself across his knee! New prefects are being made up and one Macalister (Barry) is getting his punishment giving skills in order. His spanking of 5th former James Mitchell (Alistair Cole) seems to be a good start but laying on a good caning is another matter! Joe Templeton (Matt Mills) has managed to rub Deputy Head Alan Harrison up the wrong way again and is summoned to the hall for a birching. The padre ever watchful for transgressors deals with both Charlie (Vex) and Chinese student Lee, his heaving pounding hand bringing a sharp sting to the boy’s defenceless bare bottoms. All in all for the wayward Students it’s a red raw and painful run up to the end chapter of St Datchets Academy: The Epilogue.

Joe Templeton (Matt Mills) nervously awaits his birching

Czech Sting lad Alistair tastes the cane

Whilst Rowan and Sebastian make the acquaintance of the new PE Master

Those who remember the scene in St. Datchet’s Academy where Weaver (Brett) and Harrington (James) bully poor little David, will enjoy seeing them get their comeuppance. Here Weaver gets 24 strokes of the cane, all on his bare behind.

In previously unreleased footage shot in the UK Peterson (Ginger) takes a slippering from Mr. Gregory (Rob) and later a hand spanking from one time Sting Lad Jamie playing Mr Jeffries.

Harrington (James) meets Dr. Barton

7 Responses to Sting’s latest Download – St Datchet’s Academy – the Epilogue

  1. They get it good as they should
    in a second or several spanking sessions.
    Inbetween they have time to think of their transgressions.
    Then they get it again more and more,
    their asses already oh so very sore.

  2. Sebastian’s grimaces while getting his ass tanned are great!

  3. I just want to let you know how much I REALLY ENJOY visiting this site. I try to check it out every day. Thanks so much, and keep up the wonderful work.

  4. Excellent. Sebastian and Ginger are the best of the greats.

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Interesting-we still get paddled in school, mostly in PE! Coach swats are jock covered bare asses up to 15 times. If u r unlucky u get a note home to be signed by ur parents and returned next day! And my Dad whips my butt cheeks with his belt!

  6. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Terrific tales, terrific tails
    Ginger up is gorgeous.

  7. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I got it at school, and at home
    first from Step Dad and then before bed from Step Uncle and then the next morning from Step Brother.