Preppy Stud Punished

 “Preppy Stud Punished” is a 2009 release by Straight Men in Trouble.

The preppy college student hangs awaiting his fate, a punishment spanking he has no idea what he’s done to deserve or who will administer it. But it’s obvious, even through his clothes that he is a superb piece of meat.He shudders as a man in a mask approaches him, circles him once or twice to add to the tension in the room, then begins a hard paddling of his muscular ass, which soon has him crying out in pain and humiliation. 

 The masked man stands behind him and lowers his pants, revealing thick,muscular thighs and a tight pair of tight, white jockey shorts, and lifts his shirt exposing his muscular chest and continues the punishment as he jumps, kicks and moans in pain.

The young stud looks so sexy in his white briefs with his muscular legs spread wide and tied to poles as the masked man begins a caning of his big sexy feet that has him crying out in pain with his leg muscles tensing and flexing.He looks like he’s about to cry.

The masked man has the young stud over his knees, his round, muscular ass covered with the thin material of the white briefs, as he begins a hairbrush spanking that has him in tears, with those sexy legs kicking behind him.

 His shorts are lowered revealing a perfect ass as the punishment continues. The young man kicks and squirms on the masked mans lap revealing his cock and balls every time he jumps or kicks in pain. 

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2 Responses to Preppy Stud Punished

  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Frankly, this model looks less like a preppie then a family-father, also outweighing his spanker,
    and the introductory weird stuff, which seems to take forever, fidgetting with socks and toes-tickling, almost puts one out of the mood before he actually goes over the knee, where he finally starts to please the public, although his moaning seems strangely sensual as much as suffering?!

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