CTS Visitor Information Request

CTS Visitor Information Request

From time to time we receive requests from JockSpank followers and visitors for information on Vintage Spanking Studios. A very common request is for information regarding the iconic Control T Studio.

Since the Hot Bottoms website was taken it has been increasingly difficult to obtain Control T videos, so if anyone knows of a source where these classic videos can still be obtained we would be grateful.

Specifically, we have been asked for information about two control T videos:

  • Humbled

  • Matt’s Audition

(Images below)

If anyone can help, please leave an answer in the Comments section beneath this posting. Thank you

Humbled” a Janitor catches two young executives cheating a company out of money, and blackmails them into taking a spanking

Hunky blonde Matt’s spanking audition

6 Responses to CTS Visitor Information Request

  1. I have a copy of Matt’s Audition

  2. “Humbled” was originally released as CTS #38 and included the second feature “The Day After” that was a follow-up to their video “The Dean of Discipline” (CTS-36).

    “Matt’s Audition” was part of the video “CTS Model Auditions” marketed as FMO-4 (it was a “For Members Only” video and required a Control-T Membership to purchase it. Matt was actually called Matthew in the video, and included spanking three other young models: Luke, Jack and Mark.

    Both of these videos were originally priced at $79.95 for VHS cassettes.

  3. On the subject of CTS, they had a lot of good videos and also did a few with females spanking guys. One that I have been looking for was a video of a woman tutor who spanked two guys that had come to her for tutoring. Dies anyone know where I can find a copy or is there a clip somewhere on spanking clips etc. Thanks.

  4. Would love to see the one with the janitor spanking the execs!

  5. I’ve been looking for Little Brother’s Spanking / Spanked Assistant It’s the first video I ever watched.

  6. Please if somebody has got these movies please contact Mr. Ward. You are only one chance for us who didnt have a opportunity to download or buy them when it was possible. Thank you?!