CP4Men: Spanked Lifeguard! Featuring Joshua Clark

CP4Men: Spanked Lifeguard! Featuring Joshua Clark

Joshua has been seen sleeping on the job so the lifeguard manager decides a good spanking is one way to waking him up! Joshua is bent over the table and given a good spanking on shorts then swimming trunks then bare. The big bat helps to reinforce his lack of concentration!



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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

I just DIG the shorts-down sequence here!! It’s such a rare treat to see a boy spanked in swimming-briefs! These ones are the perfect colour and degree of brevity to make this part of young Joshua’s punishment a MEGA turn-on!!! Even better than seeing a boy smacked on his underpants because they tend to be cotton – whereas swimming-briefs are nearly always nylon! KINKEEEE!!!

What also works fantastically well is the lad being bent over the desk! I LOVE it!!! I usually like to see boys laid over the knee for a spanking, but again we see that a lot on Jock Spank (absolutely no criticism here, because I ADORE it!!) and it is good to ring the changes now and then.

Joshua’s very vocal reactions to being disciplined with a good smacked bottom show that the spanking is doing what it is supposed to do! The stiff gait as he walks away is further confirmation that the way to a boy’s brain is through the seat of his shorts and briefs! Rubbing his bottom the way he does also works brilliantly, although a sensible boy might know to wait until he is out of the spanker’s sight before he does it haha! And that’s from bitter experience of the consequences of indiscreet rubbing after a drubbing!

Let’s have this phenomenally spankable young rascal back before much more time passes, please!

3 years ago

I LOVE this guy. He’s so good in everything he’s done. His expressions and reactions super hot.