CP4Men: Pay Attention! Featuring Ashley

CP4Men: Pay Attention! Featuring Ashley

Not only has Ashley not been paying attention, but he’s also been disruptive in the classroom. He is sent to the headmaster to be dealt with. The headmasters favourite position is O.R.K in other words over raised knee! The headmasters spanking starts on trousers then underwear then rapid fire on Ashley’s bare bottom! Ashley promises to behave and gets sent back to class. Later that same day he is sent back to the headmaster for more punishment but this time it’s the slipper starting on trousers then underwear then bare. Once again, at the end of the punishment, Ashley promises to be a good boy. Do we believe him? I don’t think so!


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14 days ago

Def one of the finer behinds around, and O.R.K. has become a favorite way to see any guy get it!