CP4Men: Ashley’s Student Spanking-Extra Bonus Footage!

Ashley’s Student Spanking-Extra Bonus Footage!

Ashley is now at an age where he should know better! After several warnings the Headmaster feels he has run out of options and need to curb his bad behaviour so it’s time that some discipline is in order. Ashley has earned him self a spanked bottom!

Ashley willingly put him self across the headmasters knee. His short trousers show off he’s more than perfect bottom. He is then told to take down his trousers and once again goes over Sirs lap for more punishment on his white underwear.


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The headmaster then ask Ashley’s permission to take down his underwear to reveal is stunning bottom. Ashley agrees and once again is willing to accept the punishment but this time on his bare bottom. To finish off the spanking Sir gives Ashley extra punishment with a hairbrush and some corner time.

There is some extra footage of Camera A showing the whole of Ashley’s spanking from one angle!

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