CP4Men: My First Spanking-Featuring Louis

CP4Men: My First Spanking-Featuring Louis

Louis looks like a very sweet boy-but when it comes to spanking, he can take it like a man! We start on jeans then underwear then bare-bottom. He also experiences the ping pong paddle and hairbrush for the first time and handles them very well. We certainly hope you like Louis – there’s more to come!


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4 Responses to CP4Men: My First Spanking-Featuring Louis

  1. PHWOOARRR!!! WHAT A TREAT!!! To see a boy laid over the knee and spanked in a pair of coloured briefs! And in the case of this particular pair, quite retro ones! Coloured with a white waistband and white leg-trims – very reminiscent of the briefs worn by boys in the 1970s and early 80s (see below), which had the added kinky feature of being made of 100% nylon! Very spanky, the way they felt around your loins during smacking and corporal punishment! Please, please, PLEASE, CP4Men, let him stick with his own taste in underpants when he is being disciplined – no making him wear monotonous white boner-killers, PLEASE!!! I’m prepared to concede that they have their place and some guys actually like seeing lads spanked in them, but Louis has a superbly rounded and quite prominent bottom – and its spankability needs the enhancement that only a pair of coloured underpants can ever give!

    I know that those who are familiar with my comments are probably thinking, ‘For fcuk’s sake, change the record, van Spanking!’ but this is something I do feel strongly about. It is the briefs that made up my mind to make this phenomenally spanky clip an immediate addition to my collection! Just spanktastic!!!

    I hope we see a lot more of Louis – I can’t help feeling there is a slightly truculent cast to his cheeky and ruggedly handsome young face and he looks like a boy who is long overdue for being taken in hand and strictly disciplined! John has made a great start with this naughty boy!