CP4Men – JB Spanks Rugby Captain!!

JB  Spanks Rugby Captain!!
As some of you know in rugby a “try” is to score points. But this rugby captain is not “trying” hard enough! The manager decided to get him into the dressing room to see if he can “try” and  get some incentive going! He start by over the knee spanking on shorts jock strap and eventually bare. Not content with this he decide to put him over the gym hore for some more hand spanking and a very special paddle made for such occasions!


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2 Responses to CP4Men – JB Spanks Rugby Captain!!

  1. I bought this and highly recommend it, the Rugby captain is really hot, and what a great butt

  2. I agree. He is built like a brick shithouse but he takes his spanking very submissively, an unbeatable combination (so to speak).