5 Responses to Cominmg soon from Leather Strap – Waiting for Punishment

  1. The art-style here reminds me of a blog that closed down sometime ago.. called leatherstrap.. same author by any chance?

  2. Hi Yes, this is the same Leather Strap who created the fondly remembered Leather Strap blog – he contributes his excellent art work to JockSpank from time to time.

  3. I loved that site. That explains why I haven’t been able to find it. I had to wait for it as a kid so the above brings back memories and a tingle to my butt cheeks.

  4. Brings back memories of waiting for my dad to get home and the butt whipping that would follow. I loved Leather Strap. I wondered why I was having trouble finding it again.

  5. Also loved Leather Spank – reminded me of what a butt whippin’ is all about – should be taken well and as part of growin’ up!!