IMPORTANT This may be the End of JockSpank

Blogger has announced that as from June 30th they will be removing any adult blogs which include advertising for adult material,  Further details can be found here  .  Although JockSpank has never at any time made money from the content on this blog, we have repeatedly linked to the providers of the content we have posted, and it may well be that Blogger will view this as “advertising” In which case both JockSpank and Feel The Sting will be at risk.
We do not have the time to remove all links from the site or from the archives, so we have no option other than to wait and see what happens.
Meanwhile please take note of the following links where we will issue information should the worst occur.
Sore Bottomed Guys: 

Feel the Sting 2
Feel the Sting on Twitter: 

Thanks for your support over the last five years, please keep your fingers crossed that we stay safe


7 Responses to IMPORTANT This may be the End of JockSpank

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Leather Strap here… I always wondered if Google, who bought out Blogger would eventually try to remove the adult content from their system. Technically Jock Spank does not fir the profile of the kind of site they are talking about, because I know (from personal experience) that there is no money to be made on this type of blog. I know you guys do this out of the joy of adult male spanking!

    It’s hard to tell what Google is really up to here. Are they just going to take down the blogs that fit their description? Or are they using this as an excuse to remove adult blogs from the Blogger system? Only time will tell.

    If the worst happens, I recommend you guys switch over to Word, that way you can host Jock Spank yourselves. It’s a little more work getting it set up, but after you do, then you have complete control over your blog! No interference!

    I’m willing to offer my services in helping you to do this if you need to!

    Let’s hope for the best! Leather Strap!

  2. Hi LS

    Thanks very much for the offer. We are looking at the various options, but will mail you and speak further in the near future.

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Is this the same Google that makes millions from Google ads advertising adult sites. Absolute hypocrites they probably want a slice of the money, either way good luck and thanks for the Saturday spankables posts that was always my favourites. Thanks from all your viewers and bye.

    • Thanks for your kind comments. Please visit on Saturday as there will be a further Saturday Spankables posting then. We intend to carry on posting here as long as we are able to.

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thats not right I mean I love this sight it calms me down 🙁

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Shame on Blogger for trying to “kill” JockSpank all the time!

    How many times, since the beginning, did they try that?
    What I worry about for you is the time you will have spent for what, 5 years, building this blog, and will you be able to do it again?
    I guess Blogger doesn’t care about that kind of things! Are they trying to play with you about that or what?
    The bigger the blog, the easier fom them…

    It’s a shame for them and it’s a pity for every visitor of JockSpank and yourselves of course.

  6. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I know it sounds naive, but could you possibly write to them and ask them what sort of things they’d categorise as violating their terms?