Sting: – Drunk in a Drape Coat – 1950’s Domestic Discipline

Besmirching the family name in days gone by was the last thing any family member was expected to do. Upholding a status of family dignity was tantamount to maintaining your place in local society. The age of gentlemanly conduct was still very much alive and when standards slipped the head of the family was expected to take firm action.
So it was with Henry Gilchrest when his got far too drunk at a local bar one Sunday afternoon and had to be escorted out.  On arriving home he was to find that news of his manner less antics had gone before him. Now sent to bath and change in to his pyjamas, he must report to the front room before turning in.

His dad was in no mood for compromise, these events were getting too regular and nineteen or not Henry was now going to get a damn good bare bottom spanking. As the angry palm rained down on his bottom turning it redder with every stinging slap young ​Henry knew this was just the beginning.

On top of the cabinet and cut from a particular bush in the garden was a swishy and lethal switch. This instrument was only used when it was needed and now was certainly such a time.
Ordered over the armchair, the switch sung its painful song leaving stripe after stripe of burning red fire across Henry’s already well spanked bare bottom. 

This is one young man who’ll be sleeping face down tonight.


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10 years ago

A big dollop of nostalgia for gents of a certain age. The teddy boy era came as quite a shock to the staid post-War British culture and a lot of families were having none of it.

Sting have produced something really authentic to the era. It deicts a young man, whose maturity is shown in his nice hairy backside, is still subject to domestic corporal punishment from a strict father. The attitude “As long as you live under my roof you do as I say” was alive and healthy.

Well done Sting, it sounds a great video.

Stewart Burston
Stewart Burston
10 years ago

Sting are the masters of realism, its not only the costumes, but they actually found a working 1950’s television. Incredible